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Professional automotive diagnostic tool
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 Can Xhorse VVDI2 BMW commander change mileages for BMW F-Series(CAS4 system) ? How to do?Here is step guide for it.
setup in VVDI2 software:
1) Write down the KM shown in instrument, take instrument away from car, avoid synchro...
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 These are the coding options available for coding the ALSZ module of the BMW e46, using ICOM A2 with NCS Expert. Hopefully it’s helpful for someone else.
HEIMLEUCHTEN : home lights activated by flashing high beam with key off
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Free download BMW INPA Ediabas 5.0.6 software here:
NOTE:It’s the customer share and not tested by engineers, so that INPA 5.0.6 is used with unknown security.
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 Attention please. VW ETKA 7.5 electronic catalogue from China, especially from http://www.obd2express.co.uk/ MUST be installed on Windows XP, NOT 64 bit system! Here is the how-to guide of ETKA 7.5 catalogue installation on Windows xp o...
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 Multi-language VAG PRO 5.5.1 scanner can  from Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda 1990 to 2015,   VAG PRO can be installed on Windows XP or Windows7.Here"s installation guide.
*How to installed on Window 7?
Look at this video:
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